January 28, 2013

Frugal Finds

Who doesn't love a deal?  Here are 10 items under $25 each:
Frugal Finds

  1. Small Red Rocking Bird, West Elm- $14.74  
  2. Sphere Tabletop terarium, Chapters - $19.50
  3. Zinc Letters, Anthropologie - $18.00 each
  4. Inside Out Bowls (available in 4 patterns), Anthropologie - $8.00 each
  5. Olunda butterflies print, Ikea  - $14.99
  6. Set of 4 Custom (colour) Chevron Coasters, Bonnie Brands trough Etsy - $15.54
  7. Black Damask Print Mouse Pad, yourethatgirldesigns through Etsy - $9.32
  8. Custom Modern Letter Blocks , ReFormedArtCubes through Etsy - $19.64
  9. 4x6 Gallery Frame, CB2 - $24.95
  10. Tree Ring Holder, CB2 - $9.95

January 22, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover - Part 1

My master bedroom is almost complete and I am now head over heels in love with this room. I've always liked the size and layout of the room, but definitely not the paint colour or drapery panels from the previous owners.  And definitely not the fancy brass ceiling fan!
Move in day! A blank(ish) slate
We lived with the room as it was for over a year before doing anything.  I set-up our bed, hung a few photos and bought Ikea's Hemnes nightstands and dresser.  Having furniture was a major step up from the boxes & laundry baskets we'd been using as a dresser until then!

A mish-mash of everything, including a Snuggie at the foot of the bed.
Before Benson graduated to his own bed, he slept in a box beside our bed.

I knew was I wanted to use several different graphic fabrics in the room in and that was it. With no design or colour scheme in mind I couldn't decide between pale celery green or dark grey for the walls. In the end I decided I like a cozy bedroom so I went with the grey. Painting made a huge difference and instantly made the room feel much more "us".
Starting to look a little less dorm room
I was quite content once the room was painted. It wasn't fancy, but I was (and still am!) in *love* with the colour. And so our room sat for months (and months) before I did anything else. Until I found a fabric that I love as much (or more) than the paint colour...

September 19, 2012

Linen Chest Sale

My husband found me a great deal online that I thought I'd share - 50% off one item at Linen Chest's online store.  You can fill out their online form to have a coupon code emailed to you, but promo code 99735 also works.  The sale is off the lowest price, plus they offer free shipping on all orders!  The sale is good until September 24th but some exceptions apply, so be sure to read the details.

I've never heard of Linen Chest before, but it's a great site with lots of beautiful stuff.  So what did I find to buy?  This super-cute Umbra Suspend clock for my mantle:
Umbra Suspend Clock
Suggested price on the Umbra site?  $84.00 + $17.50 shipping.  Discounted price on Linen Chest?  $39.97 with free shipping!

September 05, 2012

Design Lesson: 7 Principles of Interior Design

There's more to creating a great room than just having good taste.  Designers are actually taught 7 principles of Interior Design that we pull from for our designs.  I rarely consciously think about thease principles but I do include them (or most of them) in every space I work in.

So if your space is feeling unfinished or is falling flat, try adding one or more of the principles below into the mix.

1. Balance
Equal distribution of visual weight, achieved by one of the following:
  • Symmetrical balance - a mirror image, or the same elements repeated in the same positions on either side of a vertical axis
  • Asymmetrical balance - odd or mismatched elements placed off-centre
  • Radial symmetry - all of the elements of a design are arranged around a center point
Symmetrical Design
Asymmetrical Design

Radial Design
2. Rhythm

The movement within a space, typically created by:
  • Repetition - the use of the same element (colour, shape, object) more than once throughout a space
  • Progression – transition from light to dark or small to large
3. Emphasis
A focal point.
Focal Points
4. Proportion
The ratio of one design element to another.
5. Scale
The relative size or character of an objects or its parts.
6. Unity & Harmony
Considering the space as a whole - similarity or consistency.
7. Details
Small, subtle touches.
Design Details